Medical Testimonials

Dr. Tracy K. Gibbs, Phd.
"Many health claims have been documented about the benefits of the Noni plant. Some are legitimate, some are a hoax. When choosing a Noni product, you must choose one that actually has the active phytochemical compounds that help your body heal and repair itself. You don't have to guess whether or not you product will work when you choose Noni Nitro™. Only Noni Nitro™ Tropical Lotion uses a guaranteed potency Noni product. Now for the first time ever, this highly active noni is combined with the patented QUSOME™ technology which delivers the active ingredients transdermal (via your skin). Simply by applying Noni Nitro™ Tropical Lotion, the active Noni can enter into your blood and begin to make a difference in your health.

Noni Nitro™ Tropical Lotion is guaranteed to contain more Noni Nitric Oxide compounds than any lotion I have ever tested. To date, more than 70,000 scientific papers have been published regarding some aspect of nitric oxide's beneficial role in human health and wellness. Valuable in combating pain, inflammation, digestive problems, insomnia, diabetes and sports injuries, and nitric oxide is also consistently linked to increased energy, improved sexual function and even weight loss.

While nitric oxide is produced in the human body, most people don't make enough nitric oxide to maintain optimal health. The Morinda citrifolia (Noni) plant offers a solution. Rich in the components necessary to create this amazing molecule, it is no wonder Polynesians have used the noni plant to heal various afflictions for centuries.

Thousands of people around the world with a variety of health concerns are finding that nitric oxide is the answer for which they've been looking. Now, with Noni Nitro™ Tropical Lotion you get more Nitric Oxide into your blood stream than any other product on the market."