The Noni Nitro™ Difference

Successful companies all have one thing in common and that is a thriving company culture. Here at Noni Nitroâ„¢, our own unique culture is defined by our ideals, our pursuit of excellence and a vision for a healthier, happier planet. Our premier product line, Noni Nitroâ„¢, reflects our commitment to that vision. We believe in offering products of the highest quality possible so that our customers, can share in the Noni Nitroâ„¢ experience as we grow and prosper together.

The Noni Nitro™ Mission
  • Our Mission ...
  • To promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone.
  • To offer superior quality nutritional and health supplement products.
  • To build long lasting relationships with our customers.
  • To provide a lucrative business opportunity to resellers.
  • To create and maintain a sound infrastructure to make our mission a reality.
Exclusive Products

Our customers, and resellers can be assured that Noni Nitroâ„¢ is the only company with the breakthrough product line of Noni Nitroâ„¢, allowing you to purchase with confidence.

Outstanding Customer Service

Noni Nitro'sâ„¢ goal is to give you the best customer service possible, to support you at every step and to help you grow your business. We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs because, after all, your success is our number one priority.

Management Team

John Malone - President & CEO

John Malone's vision of offering superior products to the marketplace along with a lucrative opportunity to help others improve their quality of life has truly come to light at Sunland Source with Noni Nitroâ„¢.

John has extensive hands-on experience in both domestic and international markets, helping to open markets and build organizations around the world. He has been heavily involved with a number of successful companies in the areas of Startup, Research & Development, Product Development and Approval, Financing, Market Analysis and Corporate Structure. His diverse knowledge and expertise in many areas have helped him become a foremost authority in the area of health-based global market.

Dr. Joel Balotin, RPh, Chief Research & Development Advisor

Dr. Joel Balotin has been a Registered Practicing Pharmacist since 1982 and has worked in various settings including hospital, clinical and retail.

In addition, Joel has served as the Head of the Medical Advisory Boarda of numerous nutritional companies in the network marketing industry. Joel's expertise in both conventional and alternative medicine has allowed him to teach practitioners to integrate both approaches into their practices.

He is a sought-after speaker for conferences and health expositions throughout the world. Co-author of several published articles and his latest book "Nitric Oxide - Say Yes to NO" is in the process of being translated into several languages

  • BS Math, University of Pittsburgh
  • BS Pharmacology, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
  • PharmD, University of Florida
  • American Pharmaceutical Association
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists
  • Society of Pharmacognosy

Scott Warren, Legal Counsel

Scott Warren, founding partner of Wellman & Warren, LLP, joined Noni Nitro™ as legal counsel in 2009. Mr. Warren specializes in the organization and operation of direct sales and network marketing companies, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance. Mr. Warren has counseled companies and distributors throughout the world on the proper operation and day to day legal challenges facing companies in the direct sales/network marketing area.

Mr. Warren has negotiated with or interacted with over 20 different State Attorney General's offices successfully. Mr. Warren has testified on network marketing issues on behalf of the United States Department of Justice in criminal cases, as well as for companies throughout the United States. He has also litigated with, and negotiated matters successfully with the Federal Trade Commission. He has built a lasting relationship with PROFECO, the Government of Mexico's Consumer Protection service, in order to better assist his clients in their smooth expansion into Mexico.

Mr. Warren is the author of a book on network marketing entitled, "Network Marketing and You, Legal Issues in Network Marketing". He has also coauthored another book with recognized industry expert Rod Cook, which details the laws and issues in all 50 States. Mr. Warren has been featured as a panelist on legal issues in the industry with the Multi-Level Marketing International Association. He has been featured as a breakout speaker with the Direct Sales Association at their Legal Issues conference, dealing with registration requirements for multilevel marketing companies.


Executive Offices
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